Testimonial 14

Amazing & Sweet Doctor

I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful doctor Dr. Heller is. My cousin ended up in the ER of Bethesda West with chest pains. No sooner did we call Dr. Heller, he was at the hospital within 10 minutes. Dr. Heller saw the urgency of doing an angiogram so he made sure my cousin was on medication and had him transferred to Bethesda East first thing in the morning where he would do the procedure. Turns out he had a 95% blockage in 1 artery alone where he had to place 3 stents. The next day he had three other arteries requiring 4 stents for a total of 7 stents. My cousin had suffered a heart attack with thankfully no damage and thanks to Dr. Heller, he saved him from having open heart surgery. Trust me, not every doctor would have been able to perform this complicated and delicate procedure. My cousin is resting comfortably at home thanks to Dr. Heller. His bedside manner is wonderful. He explains and shows you a diagram of everything he did so that one can understand. You never feel rushed and he answers any and all questions. Dr. Heller, you are #1 in my book!!!

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