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With a cardia stress test, our team can better understand and identify any issues in your heart. This test helps to measure what the heart goes through when under increased stress or stimulation. It is also sometimes referred to as an exercise test or treadmill test. A cardiac stress test involves inducing external stress on the heart through a controlled scenario of exercise to measure the heart's response.

Cardiac stress tests are available at Florida Premier Cardiology in Delray Beach and the surrounding area. The test itself is considered low risk. It includes about the same intensity as jogging or speed walking and is personalized based on what would be appropriate for you. This informative test can significantly assist a cardiologist in assessing your heart health.

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Understanding the Results

A stress test monitors your heart’s response to increased stimuli and shows the changes that occur in your heart's activity. The doctor can see signs if there is not enough blood flowing to your heart during exercise. The stress test can also help determine whether your heart muscles are moving correctly. In addition, the test can show whether the heart valves are compromised and not opening or closing the way they should be.

A cardiac stress test may be especially helpful in situations where there are high-risk factors such as a family history of coronary heart disease. While a stress test can give plenty of information about your general health, it can also help ascertain the following details:

  • Help to determine the level of physical activity and exercise that is safe for you
  • Diagnose whether coronary heart disease is present
  • Diagnose potential causes of chronic symptoms such as fatigue, lightheadedness, chest pain or shortness of breath
  • Assess your risk of a heart attack and other cardio-related conditions
  • Track improvement or the impact of a procedure you may have had done to improve circulation

A stress test can help provide a cardiologist with a complete picture of the state of your health. Depending on what your doctor finds, it can also help clarify whether further testing is needed.

When a Cardiac Stress Test is Necessary

A cardiac stress test may be suggested to monitor any on-going issues, to identify a new one or to assess improvement. We can also use this test to help keep a careful watch on any high-risk conditions. Here are a few situations where we may recommend a stress test:

  • Chronic lethargy, pains in the chest or shortness of breath
  • Having conditions such as coronary heart disease
  • Undergoing an angioplasty, artery bypass grafting
  • Having a heart attack
  • Suspected heart valve issues like weakening or deterioration
  • You are an organ transplant recipient
  • A familial medical history of heart disease
  • You have an arrhythmia, otherwise known as an irregular heartbeat
  • You have diabetes, which increases the risk of coronary heart disease

How the Cardiac Stress Test Works

Leading up to the test, Dr. Rodolfo Carrillo-Jimenez, MD, FACC may suggest limiting foods and beverages as well as skipping certain medications that can affect results. You may also need to eliminate or limit caffeine intake for a day or so before going in. Be sure to let the doctor know if you use an inhaler and bring it to the test.

You will either be told to wear clothing that feels comfortable for movement or will get a medical gown to wear from one of our team. During the procedure, Dr. Rodolfo Carrillo-Jimenez, MD, FACC attaches electrodes to your torso. These electrodes connect to an electrocardiogram machine, or EKG, that records information on your heart’s rhythm, rate, strength and electrical activity. We will gradually increase the speed and incline of the treadmill while you are on it to replicate walking up a hill.

We will measure your blood pressure and may have you breathe into a tube to review the exhaled gases. If a treadmill is not an option for you, we may recommend a stationary bike or other less physical alternatives instead. If you find the activity too difficult at any time, you may stop immediately. The entire process will likely take less than an hour.

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A cardiac stress test can be a great way for a cardiologist to assess your coronary health or even eliminate a heart condition as the source of health problems. Call us at 561-325-6495 to set up a meeting time with Dr. Rodolfo Carrillo-Jimenez, MD, FACC or a team member to evaluate whether a cardiac stress test would be a good recommendation for you.

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