Testimonial 1

Dr. Heller,

I am writing on behalf of my father, my 3 sisters and my brother - the whole family! My Dad recently transferred to your office as a result of continued horrifying experiences with his prior cardiologist where he suffered minimum 2-hours wait time, having to call 12-15 times to get through to the office and the Dr. Popping in to see him for less than 5 minutes per visit.

Although totally discouraged, as the belief was that this is just the way it was, I scheduled an appointment for my Dad with you and we are totally amazed at your services.

You, your staff and your offices are absolutely wonderful.

  • Someone ALWAYS picks up the phone within a ring or two
  • Appointments are so very easy to schedule
  • Offices are easy to get to
  • There is no wait time
  • You are extremely accessible
  • You are a rare find and I am very thankful that we found you for my father. Thank you so very much!

    Warmest Regards,

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